Let’s all be honest: social media is the perfect distraction when we’re trying to get work done. We spend 15 minutes scrolling through our feeds until we realize half an hour has passed and then an hour… and before we know it, we’re 39 weeks deep in someone’s Instagram feed. #BeenThereDoneThat

Social media is fun for connecting with others, but in order for a brand to grow, it’s vital to have a social media manager. If you’re debating on hiring a social media manager, here’s why you should.

Saves time.
We all love posting on social media just for fun or as our thoughts come to us, but actually sitting down and creating + implementing a clear + effective strategy takes a lot of time. Brands often don’t have the time to focus on their social media because they need to focus on other things, so it often gets neglected. But everyone uses social media, so having a strong brand presence there is important.

Keeps a consistent posting schedule.
Posting one day and then posting again twenty days later is not consistent. Brands need to have a consistent posting schedule, whether they decide on posting Monday-Friday or seven days a week. Having someone to take care of your social media for you will guarantee that you’re active – and you’ll create a bigger impression on your target market.

Encourages engagement + community.
One of the most important reasons to use social media is to create genuine relationships with your target market. You should be sharing content that not only promotes yourself but also encourages engagement. This could include questions, quotes, blog posts, etc. Make people interested in what you have to share!

Use social media to your benefit while also providing value. What value can you bring to your audience? Keep that in mind while scheduling your content this week!