By now, you should know why you need an email list – I feel like I’m always stressing the importance of one to at least one person per week! Many people feel as though it’s hard to grow an email list – but it really isn’t.

If you’re wondering how you can grow your email list, check out these tips below.

Show the value that your subscribers will receive.
People will only sign up for your list if they feel like they’re getting something valuable in return. I created a social media content calendar opt-in that showed people a huge value – they were able to use a template to plan their social media instead of wasting time trying to create their own. I also send out weekly tips that cover various aspects of marketing, entrepreneurship, social media, and more. These tips save people from having to go to Google for the answer or hiring someone to help them.

Include forms throughout your website.
Optimize your site with forms, pop-ups, landing pages, etc. that will allow people to sign up for your list. However, Google is starting to penalize sites that have pop-ups that cover most of the content on the site, so carefully think about the size and placement of any pop-ups. I’ll usually link to landing pages in my blog posts if my post relates to the opt-in.

Promote on social media.
Social media is an awesome way to spread the word about what your email list has to offer. I especially love Facebook groups because there are SO many out there that I’m a part of that focus on entrepreneurship, millennials, business, marketing, and more. I’ll promote my list appropriately – meaning if the group doesn’t allow promotion except for on a certain day, I obviously wait until the right time. Just make sure you’re proving your value to people before you try to promote something to them.

Create an opt-in.
Opt-ins are the fastest way to grow your email list because who DOESN’T love freebies?! My email list literally went from 0 subscribers to 500+ overnight just because I had a helpful opt-in and promoted it in all the right groups. However, it’s important to make sure that the opt-in you’re creating is actually beneficial or else people won’t want it.

Email lists are important for a variety of reasons and I always encourage my clients to utilize theirs! What have you done to grow your email list?