Hey! I’m Ashley!

I help entrepreneurs like you create bold social media strategies to help your brand reach new heights online.

I totally get that…

  • “I don’t know how to use Twitter… so where does that leave me?”
  • “I don’t even want to look at social media, but I know I need to be there.”
  • “I’m too busy to do it myself. And even if I wasn’t busy, I don’t know that I’d want to do it myself.”
  • “I have no time at all to do online marketing and would prefer you do it all for me.”
  • “Blog is a four-letter-word. That’s it.”
  • “I haven’t sent a newsletter in forever, but I know I desperately need to.”
  • “The way to grow my Instagram following is by relying on the follow-unfollow method. Right?” [Hint: it’s not.]
  • “Facebook is pay-to-play and why should I bother spend my money there?”

Four years ago, I started my fashion and lifestyle blog named, “Lilly and Lemons.” I dove in headfirst, created a slew of content, and organically attracted a loving and loyal following. No magic beans necessary.

My engaged audience was a gift – and it gave my blog the foundation to…

  1. Do giveaways
  2. Sell advertising
  3. Establish partnerships with other businesses

See the third one there? That part is key.

As I began to create relationships with these business owners, I quickly learned that most of them were working solo. They rarely had a social media presence – and, if they did, it was done sparingly, at best.

I loved making the connection to them and learning about their goals – so the next step was to take their online presence to the next level.

Because I felt so passionate about helping great businesses like these get noticed online, I started Dash of Social. Through this business, I offer social media consulting and management services targeted to entrepreneurs who want to be seen and heard.

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