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I’m Ashley. And I help entrepreneurs like you create and execute social media strategies that show people why you’re so incredibly awesome to work with, help you to automate your content so you can spend more time doing the things you love, and grow an engaged and loyal following that JUST CAN’T WAIT to see what content you put out next (it’s true).


I realize that there is so much information about marketing to absorb – but I want to let you know that it’s time to STOP relying on Google, signing yourself up for every single free webinar you discover, and wasting so much of your precious (and SCARCE!) time testing out a million different strategies that just aren’t working for you or your brand.


Brainstorm marketing ideas that you think are going to change the game, but when you execute them, nothing happens.

Post content across all of your social media channels, but your content is BARELY converting – if it's even converting at all.

Struggle to send an email to your list or write a blog post because every time you sit down to write, nothing comes to mind… and then next thing you know, you’re taking the BuzzFeed quiz, “Which Vegetable Matches My Personality?”

Spend a ridiculous amount of time on social media – between writing content, posting, and engaging – that it almost feels like a waste of that sacred time you could spend doing something, well, more meaningful.

So now I’m going to let you in on a little secret: You can 100% start to love social media, relieve the stress that it brings you, and feel like you totally have everything totally under control… and you don’t even need magic to make that happen.

You may be wondering how I have come to know all this – so grab a bucket of popcorn, pull up a comfy chair, and listen in.

Before I even knew I wanted to go into marketing (when I actually thought I would be an ACCOUNTANT – yuck! But of course no offense to all you money-lovin’ people!), I started a fashion and lifestyle blog as a creative outlet. And that little hobby quickly turned into something I took very seriously and sincerely looked forward to improving each day.

I published new posts daily, networked with hundreds of bloggers and marketing lovers frequently, grew my social media accounts for my blog organically, and established relationships with companies that led to sponsored content opportunities. That third part there, establishing relationships with companies, is the vital part of this story.

I realized that most of the companies I worked with were smaller, and because of that, they either had a bare bones social media presence, or, *GASP*, no social media presence at all. So I thought to myself, “Hey, it turns out I actually know social media pretty well from my own experience, so why don’t I use what I know to help these companies who could really benefit from it?”

It’s almost as if in that moment a lightbulb went off, the stars aligned, and the Universe was shouting, “Go for it, Ashley! DO IT!” Okay, maybe not as dramatic… but you get the gist. THIS is how Dash of Social all began.

I worked closely with these companies and others to create strategies for them that ACTUALLY WORKED and took their marketing to a whole new level. But the reason why I was able to bring these brands more business and even land clients for myself was through this relationship-building tactic – which is exactly what we’ll do for you.

Because no matter how badly we want to get sales from social media each month, there is no guarantee as to how much money this outlet can actually make you. Although we all wish that social media will cause our inbox to flood with PayPal notifications letting us know how much money people are throwing at us, that is just NOT the purpose of social media.

There is, however, a guarantee that social media is a component of the drip marketing effect – the idea that including social media as just one part of your entire marketing strategy will establish brand awareness because your potential clients and customers are receiving multiple messages from you from dozens of marketing outlets, not just social media. And that BRAND AWARENESS, my friend, is exactly what will bring you those sales further down the line.

I’m ready to make this dream a reality for you – but the question is, are you ready for it, too? Schedule a call and let’s chat to discuss how we can go from good to GREAT.