Let’s get a social media strategy in place for you that will establish you as the expert you are.

attract your dream clients and create
a jaw-dropping social media presence


You have an idea of exactly what you want to be sharing on social media, but every time you sit down to write out the content, something about it just doesn’t feel quite right.


You want to be the face of your brand, but you struggle with finding your voice -- and don’t want to lose the realness that makes you, well, YOU.


You know yourself better than anyone else, but when you share your content on social media, it just isn’t gaining traction -- even though you know it needs to be shared and heard by the people who will truly benefit from working with you!


You want to write your own content because you want to make sure everything comes from the heart, but you have no clue what to post, when, or where.

That’s why you may be absolutely
shocked when I tell you this...


Social media doesn’t have to be the scary, overwhelming, tedious, frustrating monster that it seems to be -- it can become your best friend, your sidekick, and your support system that WILL get you sales, foster a community, and give you a dazzling name online.


What if you had someone on your side who could
help you do that in a really EASY way?


One of the most popular things I hear from my clients is they didn’t realize that social media could really be so easy. Together, we said sayonara to that throwing-spaghetti-at-the-wall- and-hoping-it-sticks marketing strategy and welcomed new strategies that actually WORKED.


My clients were in the exact same place
that you’re in right now...

Except now they’re absolutely crushing the social media game and building genuine relationships while feeling good about it. They stopped relying on Google, watching every free webinar they came across, and wasting their time testing tactics that they *thought* might work -- and instead invested in a clear marketing solution that would save them the hassle of navigating the social media world.


Yours Truly

One of my absolute favorite things about working with clients like YOU is helping you #1: create content that not only comes from your heart but also converts your audience into paying clients, #2: automate your social media presence so that content is literally pushed out while you sleep so you can do the activities you love, and #3: develop a social media strategy that fits you so well you wonder why you were unable to create it on your own in the first place.

I know you’ve been feeling like you want to take control
of your social media for a while -

and now is the time to make that leap.


Deanna Coyle, Founder of Vesta: Redefining Divorce

I am SO impressed with Ashley! She has great talent, knowledge, insight and an incredible work ethic! In the short time that we have been working together, I am already getting MUCH more traction in social media. I am posting much more regularly and effectively on Facebook and have built a great following on Instagram and Twitter after starting from scratch in those platforms. I love the social media content calendar that she is using with me to help me meet the goals for my business! Ashley is incredibly supportive and responsive! Plus, she is a pleasure to work with and makes social media FUN! I highly recommend hiring Ashley!

Jackie Stoughton, Founder of Jade & Oak

I loved working one on one with Ashley. I've had my blog and business for awhile, but was feeling sort of uninspired with my social media and hadn't changed up my strategy in forever. Working with Ashley helped to bring clarity and focus to my social media goals, as well as come up with an actual plan to grow my account followings and engagements. I would absolutely recommend Ashley for any of your business' social media needs!

Cathy Cameron, Principal of Quincy Catholic Academy

As a small, independent Catholic school, we were struggling with ways to get the word out about our great school.  We knew that social media was the best route.  Although we set up our social media accounts, we also knew that we were not using them effectively.  When we saw the description of the services offered by Dash of Social on Facebook, we thought this was exactly what we needed.  It was!  We contacted Ashley via email and within a day she replied and set up a phone call.  With the description of our school and needs in hand, Ashley immediately created a proposal and we accepted.  But, it was when the plan/report arrived that we knew we made the right move!  Ashley looked at what we had and scoped out the social media presence of other schools in our area to compare.  The analysis was perfect.  Armed with that information, detailed and comprehensive suggestions were made and explanations were given.  Not only did we receive a written plan, but an hour video detailing the information in the plan with simple, easy-to-follow instructions was also included.  Our contract also provided a month of consultation should we need it.  We were thrilled with the results and have made changes and begun implementation of all the suggestions. Ashley was attentive, articulate, professional, and very easy to work with!  We are confident that we will get results!  I highly recommend Dash of Social for small businesses (or schools!) looking to get the word out!


It all depends on whether you’re in it for the short term or the long term 😉 I offer a Dash of Power Hour, a 60-minute strategy session via phone where we chat about anything you want to know involving marketing. Anything we discussed is typed up by me into a Google Doc and shared with you forever (!) so that way you don’t have to worry about taking notes while we chat, and you have the information to look back on whenever.

I also offer my signature 3-month program that consists of 9, one-hour phone calls scheduled at your convenience and UNLIMITED SUPPORT (!) through Voxer/email. We’ll create your social media strategy, organize your content, map your email and blogging plan, and so much more. The most important thing to note is that you’ll learn to love social media again – and you’ll have someone to guide you through the entire process!