Up your social media game with content that writes itself

Enough torturing yourself trying to think of what to post on social media.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if that wasn’t a problem anymore?


Consider today to be your lucky day because my

social media management

package is that solution!


Together, we’ll up your social media game with content that writes itself (think: automation). It’s time for you to go back to doing what you love: watching Netflix while your loyal fans eagerly await your every word.

You know you need to focus on social media in your marketing efforts, but simply thinking about creating a strategy, writing content, and tracking it is beyond overwhelming.

You get the urge to post on social media, but when you start to write it out, you no longer have the motivation.

You want your content to convert, but you’re not getting the engagement you hope for because the type of content you’re posting just isn’t working - and you can’t place your finger on exactly why that is.

You stretch your time thin with your never-ending to-do list, so you share the same exact content across each platform -- even though you know that’s not what you’re supposed to be doing. And it’s not working out so well anyway.

That’s where I come in.


It’s time for you to focus more on the things that are bringing you money and less on the things that aren’t -- and that includes your current social media strategy. (YES, I’m talking to you!)

What if I told you that by working with me you could push content out and count money instead of sheep?

Social media doesn’t need to be a big ball of stress. Not knowing what to post - not having the time? That’s exactly when you need to delegate. Working with me, you’ll get a whole bunch of fancy things (although I may be biased…), including:

  • A social strategy that outlines your target market, analyzes your competitors, and hands you the exact steps to an amazing new social media presence.
  • Weekly content calendars so there’s never a gap in posting
  • Community management so that your audience stays engaged and interested in what you’re saying
  • Organic growth strategies to bring in followers who are your EXACT ideal clients through targeted hashtags, locations, and more
  • Monthly analytics reports to evaluate the impact our strategy made across your social media platforms

I know your mind is screaming, “Yes! Yes! YES!” while reading through this - so let’s work together to create a social media presence that will knock people right off their feet and have you wondering why you didn’t do this sooner.



Erika Planer, Founder of Lady Luxe Beauty, LLC

Ashley is the TOTAL package. I found Ashley through a local Facebook group and was immediately drawn to her. Her charisma, professionalism, and passion for what she does drew me right in. I struggled for a while to find the perfect person to manage my social media and Ashley has proved to go above and beyond my expectations. She is extremely detailed and very quick to respond. My Instagram has never looked better and my company’s bookings have increased! I am SO happy that I found her!

Colleen Beaton, Founder of Sports Are From Venus

I would be so lost without Ashley. Ashley has taken my site’s Facebook page from nothing to the page I dreamed about. Ashley did for my page in just one month what I couldn’t do on my own after three months of trying! Ashley knows the answer to every question and handles my last minute requests with grace and perfection. The best move I have made in my adventure in social media was hiring Ashley.

Liz Theresa, Founder of Liz Theresa

Ashley. What on Earth would my life be like without you? Okay - here's a few things. Cluttered. Overwhelmed. Dark. Sad. Without love. (You get the picture.) But seriously - Ashley, you're freaking brilliant. You're wise beyond your years. You push me forward in my business in so many ways - and you've broken down the wall between me and my online presence. I no longer have weirdness about my Facebook page or my Instagram. Your management skills are on POINT. Thanks for always making me look awesome. You're the best!


For one platform, you’ll get a heck of a lot of stuff! You’ll receive a customized social media strategy, weekly content calendars, community management, organic growth strategy, and monthly analytics reports.

The first thing I do when onboarding a new client is send them a questionnaire that asks them questions about their business, target market, their brand’s voice/style/tone, and more. The beauty of this questionnaire is that it ensures that my content will align with your brand’s core values! By taking the answers you give me to create the strategy, I’m able to create content directly related to your brand so that no one will actually know you handed your social media off to someone else (that’s our secret to keep!).