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An exclusive, high-touch program for entrepreneurs ready to turn their great ideas into content that actually converts.

You brainstorm insane marketing ideas, but you need someone to bounce ideas off of to make sure that they will actually WORK.

You post consistent content across all of your social media channels, but your content isn’t converting as well as it could be.

You have an email list and a blog, but when you sit down to start writing content, NOTHING comes to mind.

You feel like you’re doing everything right on social media, but according to your audience, everything you post is BLAH because there’s no real engagement – so you just continue to blame it on the dang algorithms!!

This 1:1, 30-day program is where ideas and logic meet – resulting in the assurance you need to consistently hit your marketing goals.

That Instagram strategy you’re trying out, but you’re unsure of how it’s going to work? It’s AMAZING – and you should continue going with it.

That Facebook Live idea you want to do, but you’re too nervous to be in front of a camera? It’s BRILLIANT – and you need to share your knowledge with the WORLD.

That email you want to send to your list, but you’re worried of how your subscribers will react to it? It’s REFRESHING – and your voice needs to be heard.

You have all of these show-stopping ideas – but you just second-guess yourself and need that friend you can turn to that will kick your butt into gear and encourage you to keep going.

Are you ready to start creating a plan to put yourself out there and bring in your DREAM clients?

Here’s how we can get started on this program:

  • You will fill out a questionnaire that I will send you, and then I will give you your next action steps.
  • I will check in with you each day through Voxer, a free walkie-talkie app, to hear your goals, find out what you’re doing to reach those goals, and hold you accountable to ACTUALLY reaching them!
  • You can send me any questions you have about marketing at any time – so YES, you can even tell me about those amazing ideas you get in the shower!
  • You can ask for feedback on any social media posts, emails, blog posts, landing pages, etc. so that you can allow for a MUCH higher conversion rate.
  • You will get support when you need it most, whether you want to celebrate incredible milestones you reach or you want to feel inspired when you’re fearful of launching something new.

I’m here to help you with:

  • Perfecting your content strategy – we’re going to get into the nitty gritty of it to make sure you’re not wasting your time using a strategy that DOES NOT WORK!
  • Creating content that your audience LOVES seeing and encourages tons of engagement – so no more blaming low engagement on the algorithm!
  • Brainstorming consistent emails and blog posts – so that your audience no longer sees tumbleweed rolling by your site and their inboxes!
  • Developing an audience that will LOVE and soak in everything that you have to say – so you constantly attract your dream clients!

These are just some of the things that we will dive into during our time together – but what are YOU hoping to cover? What are some things YOU would like to see change over the next 30, 60, 90 days?

If you’re at a steady ground with your marketing but need something that will ROCK the way you do business, let’s see what will get you there.

Investment: $400 in full or 2 installments of $225

If your mind has been screaming, “YES!” while reading all of this, book a free consultation to see how this program will benefit you!

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