If you know me, then by now you’ll know that I’m a firm believer in using a content calendar, and I schedule out my social media EVERY DAY except for weekends. It’s time-consuming but definitely worth it.

However, social media shouldn’t only be about promoting just yourself; you should focus on creating a well-rounded strategy that will engage your audience and help it grow. To do this, I suggest to my clients that they follow something known as the 1/3 social media rule, which means that 1/3 of your content should be conversation, 1/3 should be content sharing, and 1/3 should be promotion.

One of the most important things you need to focus on when it comes to social media is engaging your audience and encouraging conversation. It’s actually really easy to do – two ways I do that are by asking questions and sharing quotes. Ask questions to your followers about what their goals are, what they’ve accomplished, what podcasts they’re listening to, etc. I share quotes by making branded photos to use on social media, and I always make sure to choose quotes that other people can relate to.

Content sharing
If you find a great article, course, etc., share it! I have an ongoing list of articles I’ve read that I love so that when I make my content calendar, I can easily go back and find content to share. I add to the list as I go, which makes things really easy. Sharing other people’s content is also an easy way to build relationships.

The last part of your strategy is obviously promoting yourself. Focus more on using your products, services, blog posts, etc. to form relationships and focus less on using them to make sales. Always show your audience the VALUE they will get by looking at what you have to offer.

The 1/3 rule is actually super easy to follow – and if anything, I usually include more conversations and content sharing versus promotion. The main goal of social media is to build relationships, NOT get sales, so make sure you remember that as you revise your strategy. Do you use the 1/3 social media rule?